How to use

  1. Create article sets in one of two ways:
    • Use a PubMed query
    • Upload a set of PubMed IDs, one per line
  2. Once created, select two article sets from table on the home page
  3. Choose analysis options and then hit the 'Find Intermediates' button

Graph Metrics

  • 45 million nodes
  • 200 million relationships
  • 1.7 billion properties


If you have any questions/suggestions or would like to discuss a particular project in more detail please get in touch at the following address:


Privacy Statement

Any data provided to MELODI is stored and controlled by the University of Bristol only and not passed on to any third party.

User data is requested to enhance the usability of the site and not for any commercial purposes. User accounts are generated solely to provide a user specific analysis environment and improve user experience. User accounts are handled through the Google OAuth protocol and passwords are encrypted. Any data associated with the creation and analysis of article sets is private unless shared, held in a secure database, and accessible only to the MELODI administrator.